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Charlie’s Corner: Interview with Thomas Latham

Thomas Latham - Interview

#38 – Third Baseman, Thomas Latham 7/5/2021

The Red Wings looked to rebound from a couple of close losses at the beginning of the week as they played host to the Auburn Doubledays on Saturday night. The future stars of baseball and softball were out to support their hometown team, the Wings, and McDonough park presented “Little League Night.” The support must have helped because the Wings soared to a decisive 10-0 victory. 

Among the pregame festivities of this special event was a walk on the field by members of baseball and softball teams representing much of the Finger Lakes. Pictures were also taken and after the game, the kids were able to collect autographs from the Red Wings. One such player that was no doubt sought after was my guest this week on “Charlie’s Corner.” That player was a third baseman, Thomas Latham. 

Latham comes to the Red Wings from Chantilly, Virginia, an area in the western part of Fairfax County. He attends the College of the Holy Cross and is currently a freshman. As a kid, he was a big fan of the Washington Nationals and looked up to star player, Ryan Zimmerman. It was clear from speaking to him that baseball wasn’t a sport that his parents pushed on him, his father really only played hockey at the high school level. However, he is a very dedicated individual who spends most of his free time on the diamond perfecting his position or in the weight room with teammates. 

Being so dedicated to the sport as he is, Thomas doesn’t have much free time to do anything us, chucking as he said the small town of Geneva doesn’t provide much entertainment. On those rare occasions of downtime, Thomas likes to watch comedy movies and fancies himself a huge Adam Sandler fan, his favorite being Happy Gilmore. His musical tastes are centered on country music, specifically George Strait and Alan Jackson of the 90’s era. With the dedication he shows to the sport, Thomas could not imagine a future without baseball. He hopes to have a long career and then maybe to coach someday. It was a pleasure to speak to a man that has so much love for the sport of baseball. I’d like to thank Mr. Latham for being my guest this week. 

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