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GENEVA, N.Y. - On Thursday evening, 1400+ people gathered around McDonough Park to honor the legacy of former Geneva Red Wings General Manager and Groundskeeper John Salone.

During the pre-game festivities before the Red Wings game against the Batavia MuckDogs, the historic field was renamed in honor of Salone. Now hanging at the top of the scoreboard in Right Field is a giant navy blue sign with white lettering reading “John Salone Field.” More specifically, the blue is consistent with the color of the New York Yankees, John’s favorite team. “John was the biggest Yankees fan you’ll ever meet,” Said Geneva Mayor Steve Valentino during his speech honoring Salone.

Red Wings Owner Bob Ohmann spoke highly of John, saying, “John was a huge part of the atmosphere here at the ballpark, and he played an even bigger role in the community.” The two men worked closely together for over 20 years, both at the park and when Salone was the town mayor in Lyons, NY.

Salone spent a huge part of his life at that field, tending to its grounds and ensuring the players always felt at home. “How fitting that from this day forward the field be named John Salone Field,” Spoken over the speakers from, the Public Address Announcer.

John’s legacy will continue to live on at John Salone Field at Historic McDonough Park.

Story from: Kyle French (Geneva Red Wings General Manager)

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