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Charlie’s Corner: Interview with Lachlan Charles

#15, Outfielder, Lachlan Charles June 14, 2021

Prior to Monday, June 14th game against the Newark Pilots, I had the chance to sit down Geneva Red Wings Centerfielder, Lachlan Charles. Lachlan was a very pleasant young man who even shook my hand and addressed me by name.

Lachlan is currently a Junior at Cornell University. Some of you readers may know Lachlan’s father, who is regularly on the MLB and NFL network. Lachlan was born in the state of New Jersey but said that he had moved around quite a bit as a kid, even going as far as Florida and Los Angeles. He attended Englewood High School in New Jersey where he shared time as an outfielder and a pitcher for the school team. Also, Charles was a member of his high school football team, playing the positions of wide receiver, running back, safety, and even kicker. It’s safe to say that although Lachlan may have ultimately chose baseball, he’s a man of many talents.

When Lachlan isn’t playing sports, he says that he enjoys the rap music of Kid Cudi. He went on to mention that although Cudi has some great songs, his favorite is Mr. Rager. He chuckled when he was asked what his favorite food was and of all amazing food, he said pancakes. Breakfast for any meal of the day is indeed perfect. I then asked what movies he liked, his number one favorite being Momento, but then he said that overall he was a big fan of the film director, Christopher Nolan.

Being that he lived in Los Angeles for some time, I was not surprised to learn that he is a Dodgers fan, also modeling his game from Mookie Betts.

Finally, Lachlan was asked the big important question of where he saw life taking him in the future. Lachlan is doing the pre-law track at Cornell University and hopes to get into Law School.

Thank you to Lachlan Charles for taking the time to speak to us.

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