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Charlie's Corner: Meet The RedWings

Introducing: Cole Kumph

The Geneva Red Wings win a special Fathers Day edition of Sunday Night Baseball at McDonough Park, defeating the Jamestown TarpSkunks 4-0. Nick Serce got the Wings started with a hard-hit home run in the 2nd inning, and the Wings never looked back. The combination of Augie Walters, Wyatt Patchett, and Nick Serce provided some dominant pitching that kept the TarpSkunk batters silent and scoreless.

Before the game, I had the pleasure of speaking to Geneva Red Wings infielder Cole Kumph. Kumph came to us from the Northern Virginia area and was one of 3 kids to Carl and Christina Kumph. He enjoys the distinction of being the youngest of his siblings. While his brother and sister did play sports at the high school level, they chose not to pursue it in college. Cole's mom and dad excelled in college soccer and tennis at their respective colleges, NC State and William & Mary.

At the early age of 5, Cole picked up a baseball, and with inspiration from his older brother, who played baseball at that time, Cole decided to pursue it. Cole enjoys the team aspect of baseball and his camaraderie with his teammates. He also thinks that baseball is a game of success and failure. When something doesn't go right in a game, you need to be able to pick yourself up and try something else to get the desired outcome. It also applies to any aspect of life. It is something that he, as a self-proclaimed perfectionist, is trying to work on, but his open-mindedness will serve him well in bettering himself at this.

As a little kid and Yankee fan, Cole looked up to legendary shortstop Derek Jeter. There is no one attribute he can pick out, but Cole hopes to play as well and carry himself on and off the field as Jeter did. Superstitions are a part of most athletes' games, and Cole is no different. On a day Cole plays, he will go to his infield position, say a quick prayer and write the word "family" in the sand, constantly reminding himself how he got there and who he is playing for. What an awesome tribute from a seemingly true family man.

It being Fathers Day, it was an extra special day for Cole, whose dad traveled from Virginia for a chance to see him play. His dad Carl is Cole's whole world. Cole smiles, saying that his dad is always there when he needs him. He credits his dad for always pushing him to give 110% on anything he does. I would say that your dad is super proud of you, Cole, and I'm sure it means just as much if not more to him that he could be there to support you tonight.

Cole is attending Wagner College, a private institution on Staten Island, NY. It is there that he is currently majoring in accounting. Sometime soon, he plans to transfer but is unsure where. If baseball doesn't work out for him, his dream would be to take over for his dad at his accounting firm and carry that legacy.

I hope you enjoyed this special Fathers Day edition of Charlie's Corner. I'll be back next week with another exciting installment, but until then, on behalf of the entire Red Wings organization, I'd like to wish all our fathers a very Happy Fathers Day.

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