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Charlie's Corner: Meet The RedWings

Wrapping Up Another Great Season

Well, sports fans, the Geneva Red Wings season is winding down, and you know what that means. It's time to hear from the head coach and team manager, Dan Munn!

Dan came to Geneva after some time as a player, pitching for the Newark Pilots. At the time of his hiring, he became and remains the youngest manager in the Perfect Game Collegiate League at the age of 24 years old. For two seasons, he has led our Red Wings to successful campaigns. Last year Geneva made it to the semifinals of the playoffs before they were defeated by the Saugerties Stallions. All stories have a beginning, so let us look at the journey that brought Coach Munn to our team.

Dan Munn has been in love with baseball since he was 13 years old. He had played little league at an even younger age, but he recalls that at 13, he played in a travel league, and the sport became more serious. His first travel coach, Mr. Dave Roth, was always inspiring, and Dan credits him as the guiding force that led him to his love for the sport. Dan finds it hard to find something about the game he doesn't love. He mentioned the unique atmosphere at a ballpark and the overwhelming pride one feels after a successful outing or game.

Looking back on his playing days, he is extremely humble and appreciative of how it got him to where he is today. When asked about his strengths and weakness, he mentioned that he has short-term memory ability. For any athlete, that may be an important tool to have. One cannot afford to dwell on bad play too often as it can, and often does, affect the next play or game. On the other hand, one should always have confidence in themself, not to be confused with cockiness, but it is helpful and key to your success when you know in your heart that you belong on the field with the best of them. Coach Munn admits that, as a player, this was always a struggle for him, but something he worked very hard to improve on.

As has been mentioned, Dan has been our coach for two seasons. In all sports, there are times of great play and not-so-great play. Ones who watch or know Dan personally will find that he isn't too much of an emotional guy. Going back to his strength of short memory, he can shelve the sting of a bad loss, and conversely, he remains humble in his celebration of good play from his players. This season has had its share of success and failure, but through it all, Coach Munn remained appreciative of the team's effort. Though he doesn't like to play favorites, Dan mentioned the outstanding play of three particular players; Nick Serce, Augie Walters, and Nick Thompson. He says that all three have done a great job keeping the team alive in tight games all season.

Coach enjoys nature when he isn't coaching or participating in baseball activities. He says that fishing has always been one of his favorite non-baseball activities. In a town like Geneva, and being close to a lake, one can imagine he does this quite a bit. He enjoys watching movies when he can and says that For The Love of the Game, starring Kevin Costner, is his all-time favorite.

I'm sure I can speak for the entire organization when I say congratulations on another successful season. I'd also like to say, should the team keep on its winning ways, good luck in the playoffs. I'm sure all of Geneva cannot wait to see the success you lead us to next season.

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