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Geneva Drops Second Meeting with Watertown

GENEVA, N.Y. – The Geneva Red Wings missed their opportunity at revenge as they drop their second meeting with the Watertown Rapids in a 48-hour window. This high-scoring ball game accounted for 31 total runs, but the Wings ultimately drop to 5-5 after a home loss to the Rapids 17-14.

The Watertown Rapids started out hot as they carried a 6-1 lead going into the bottom of the second, but Geneva quickly rallied as they tacked on 9 runs including a 3-run homerun courtesy of #26 Langston Livingston (St. Joseph’s Univ.) and a 2-run homerun from #9 Jared Gillis (Delaware State). But Watertown’s fire wouldn’t stay out for long as they answered Geneva’s 9-run campaign with an 8-run push of their own that the Wings could not overcome.

In the loss, #26 Langston Livingston nabbed 4 RBI’s and #9 Jared Gillis led the team with 3 hits. The Winning pitcher for Watertown was #17 Robbie Frongello, while the losing pitcher for Geneva was #10 Mark Bobko (Bloomsburg).

Geneva gets back on the road Wednesday, June 13th against the Utica Blue Sox at 7:05pm, this will be their first encounter of the 2018 season. The Wings will be back home on Thursday, June 14th at 7:05 to take on the Elmira Pioneers.

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