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Our Experience as a Host Family for the Geneva Red Wings

What does being a host family mean? Well for us it meant welcoming another family member to our household but that’s getting ahead of myself!

When we first decided to be a host family we were excited but apprehensive. Allowing a stranger to come into our house with our kids made us a bit nervous but once we learned who our player was my son immediately started reaching out to him and let us know a bit more about him. The minute Joseph pulled into our driveway and gave us all hugs he just fit right in with our family.

Joseph’s schedule was focused on baseball but any free time he had he spent with us. He came with us to our sons baseball games and to family events. We took him and another player to Cooperstown to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. He even helped our daughter study for her tests in school as he wants to be a teacher when he graduates college. We provided him with a home so he could just focus on playing baseball.

Our summer was spent enjoying great baseball at McDonough Park and we now have an extended family member who lives in Louisiana!

Our experience could not have been better and I would encourage anyone who is interested in hosting a Geneva Red Wings baseball player for 2018 to contact us for more information. You could be hosting the next big MLB star or you could just be providing a young man a wonderful home experience while they are away from their own homes.

Either way I would encourage you to explore the idea, talk about it with your families and contact us to host a player – call me at 315-856-0545 or email to to find out more information or to sign up as a host family!

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