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Charlie’s Corner: Meet the RedWings

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Introducing: Mike Bowler – No. 2

How many of us can say as young children knew exactly what we wanted to do, and then did exactly that?

Mike Bowler, our new Geneva RedWings pitcher, did. At the age of 10 – only in sixth grade – the Geneva native knew he wanted to be a pitcher. Mike grew up with an athletic mom who excelled at track and field, conquering both sectional and state.

Mike wanted to be a pitcher and found that as such, he could block out many obstacles and thoughts in his head, thus just concentrating on throwing his pitches. As a self-proclaimed introvert, that’s what he enjoys most of the position. He knows he never wants to let down his teammates, but the majority of his goals are personal. An advantage he has is mental capabilities. Out on the mound, he is able to take the time and really concentrate on how and where to throw the ball in order to be effective.

As a tall but lean young man, Mike relies on protein with milk and red meats. He always puts in a substantial amount of time in the weight room after team practices, spending almost 20 hours a week extra on lifting and running. When does a dedicated guy like Mike have any time to do anything else with his life? It might seem difficult, but he does.

Listening to music and watching movies are just some of his favorite non-athletic pastimes. He professes to be a big fan of the country music genre, but he’s not picky and also enjoys a little bit of it all. He declared the Matt Damon movie “Good Will Hunting” is one of his all-time favorites but he also enjoys some of the classics from the ’80s.

As it is for most people, favorite athletes are not always an easy topic to discuss. Mike, after thinking about it chose Nolan Ryan. Ryan is in the conversation of MLB’s best pitchers. Bowler admires how Ryan was able to take care of himself so well in order to put on a number of years to his career. He was always able to ready himself and pitch at a moment’s notice.

The season starts in just a couple of months. Come and see Mike Bowler fan hitters left and right alike!

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