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Charlie's Corner: Meet The RedWings

Introducing: Sam Brumbaugh

How often can one say that a family member has successfully reached the top of their desired sport?

I’d venture to say not many; however, Sam Brumbaugh is one such man that can say exactly that. He indicated that his great, great Uncle and his mother were professionals in talking with Sam. Urban Boyd Brumbaugh, Sams's great, great uncle, was a tailback whose journey started at Duquesne University and led him to the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Sams's mother, Amanda Brumbaugh, was a very successful semi-professional bowler.

Sam grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, where he currently attends Christian Brothers University. Memphis is the second-largest city in the state of Tennessee, after Nashville. It is most known for its sizeable musical influence, including rock and roll, hip hop, and country. Memphis also has the distinction of being where Graceland, Elvis Presley's home, is located.

Sam began his baseball journey at Christian Brothers High School as a Right-Handed Pitcher. Sam enjoys the game's competitive nature as he sees himself as very competitive. He says his family was very influential in getting him to commit to baseball after he tried his hand at a couple of other sports. He also said it was the competitiveness and the mentality of the game that drew him to the game. He praises his pitching coaches from high school and college for working with him to make sure he was the best pitcher he could be.

You’ll see Sam in the weight room and training a couple of hours a day outside of team practices. Although he is pretty tall at six feet one, he does want to work on his muscle tone, which in turn with help him achieve maximum arm strength. When he isn’t training extra, he enjoys watching movies in his downtime.

The Geneva Red Wings welcome Sam to their pitching staff and are sure he will add much to the repertoire.

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