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Charlie's Corner: Meet The RedWings

Introducing: Nick Wilson

Fremont, California, is situated in the Bay Area of Alameda County, California. It is the fourth most populous city in the Bay Area, behind San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland. It is, however, the closest city to Silicon Valley, known for its high-tech network of businesses. More important than that, though, it’s the hometown of the newest Geneva Red Wings infielder, Nick Wilson.

Fremont has a large Asian population of which Nick is a part. Nick lived in a pretty standard family unit, a father, a mother, and a brother and sister. Nick shares his love of baseball with his brother, as the two could typically be found practicing together at the batting cage their father built for them in later years. Nick got his first taste of baseball during his school field days, participating in a tee-ball event. He immediately fell in love with the sport and was encouraged by his dad to put his all into it. As Fremont was known for its education, athletic opportunities didn’t come easy; Nick and his father would have to travel almost an hour away just for a chance to play for a club team. That opportunity was not taken lightly and was not wasted by Nick as he strived to be the best.

Nick claims his father is his biggest supporter, not only for the sacrifices he made for Nick's opportunity to play, but it created a special bond between him and Nick. Nick's Dad had very little knowledge of the game beforehand, so with Nick's education also came his father's. While he might play more infield positions with our Red Wings, Nick played shortstop in high school at Irvington and even pitched. In his four years at Irvington, Wilson displayed a dazzling .882 fielding percentage and appeared almost a dozen times as a pitcher, going 2-0 with a 2.33 ERA (Earned Run Average). His sophomore year became his best as he was selected to represent North California and participate in the USA Baseball National Training Complex in North Carolina.

He now attends Claremont McKenna, majoring in Business Economics. He didn’t get to play in an abbreviated rookie season but is now playing in his sophomore season and looks to be a great asset to a team that, he says, is on the rise. This summer will mark Nick's first opportunity at Summer League Baseball, and he is excited to join the team. His love of baseball goes far beyond the physical aspect; he enjoys the mental aspect much more. He says this is a goal he’d like to accomplish in situations like going up to bat and thinking about team goals instead of just individual goals. His father's words profoundly affect him as he enjoys lifting and training much of the time.

Nick enjoys watching movies when he isn’t in the weight room or on the Diamond. The Marvel Universe is a big favorite, and he enjoys all of the movies in that collection. He enjoys a wide array of music which depends on the activity that goes along with it, but one of his favorites is Post Malone.

I would very much like to thank Nick for taking the time to talk with me so that the community can get to know you better. It will be interesting to see firsthand the versatility that he brings to the team and how he, a west coast kid, adapts to the east coast.

Good luck this season, Nick!

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