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Charlie's Corner: Meet The Redwings

Introducing: Bruno Cergol

In the game of baseball, you don't tend to see many athletes of above-average size. Geneva Red Wings pitcher Bruno Cergol is the exception.

Standing at an astounding 6 feet 8 inches, Bruno is easy to find amongst a crowd of his teammates and is the tallest on the roster. He likes to use this height to control his pitches and intimidate opposing batters.

Bruno grew up in Brooklyn, NY, with his Dad, Mom, and he has a sister and little brother. His father played football and baseball, and his mom ran track. Both parents are quite tall, his mom at 6 feet even and his dad at 5 foot 10 inches. Bruno credits his dad for introducing him to the game he plays today. He would go out with his father to throw the hall around, and at a very early age, he helped Bruno get into t-ball, where many first get their start.

T-ball would lead to, a few years later, playing high school baseball at Rabun Gap High School, home of the Eagles. In his career pitching for the Eagles, Bruno played in 11 games, starting one, and getting one win. Then it was on to Delaware State, where he currently is. Bruno appeared in two games in his first year, going 3.2 innings, giving up five hits, and throwing one strikeout with three walks. With that to build on, Cergol spends as much time as he can in the weight room and doing different training activities to improve. He says it's important to push yourself to do it even when you most don't want to. He credits this with helping the mental aspect of the game that he says he struggles with sometimes.

Being from Brooklyn, Bruno prides himself on being a diehard fan of the hometown New York Yankees. However, it is Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher Tyler Glasnow. Among other things, Bruno and Tyler share the gift of height and use it to their advantage. When he's not on the baseball field, you can find Bruno playing video games and on the lake fishing. His favorite video game to date in Call of Duty: Warzone. Quentin Tarantino movies are his favorite, such as the Kill Bill movies. He loves to listen to alternative rock and indie rap, relying on such musicians as Kanye West to get him into game mode.

By looking at his large frame, one might think that Bruno is this big intimidating person, but he seems to be a fun-loving, smiley, positive guy. Let opposing batters believe in the intimidation factor, though, shall we? The Red Wings are looking forward to a great season from their big man, and this writer believes that he will be a big part of their success. That's all for now; stay tuned for another edition of Charlie's Corner soon.

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